How To Choose A Pediatric Dentist – Our Top 5 Tips

If you have a young child in Noble Square, Ukrainian Village, West Town, or anywhere else in Chicago, you may be wondering how to choose a reputable, local pediatric dentist. In this guide from Milktooth Pediatric Dentistry, we’ll give you 5 top tips you should keep in mind during your search! 

1. Know The Difference Between A Family Dentist & Pediatric Dentist

First, make sure you’re looking at pediatric dentists, not family dentists. Pediatric dentists are specialists in treating kids. They have 2-3 years of additional training and have passed further tests to obtain a specialized dental degree, and they exclusively treat kids, so they can provide better overall care.

In contrast, family dentists are general dentists who treat patients of all ages. They can offer good pediatric care, but are not specialists in treating little smiles, so their level of service may not be as high as a pediatric dentist like Dr. Amy Shah. 

2. Look At Online Reviews

Reading online reviews can give you some insights into how a particular dentist operates, what you can expect at your appointment, and the overall level of care provided by the dentist. You can find reviews on websites like Facebook, Google, Yelp, and more, and create a list of pediatric dentists you’re interested in interviewing. 

3. Schedule An In-Person Consultation With The Dentist 

Most pediatric dentists are willing to see you and your child for a quick, in-person consultation and interview where you can explore their office, learn more about their approach to pediatric dental care, and get answers to common questions about dentistry for kids, so reach out to your top dentists and ask to set up an appointment. 

4. Ask Plenty Of Questions

It’s helpful to ask a pediatric dentist as many questions as you can during your in-person consultation. Ask anything that comes to mind, such as:

  • What insurance plans do you take?
  • What’s your approach to preventive dental care?
  • How do you deal with kids who have trouble behaving?
  • Is sedation available for kids at your office?
  • Are dental x-rays safe? What is your approach to x-ray imaging for kids?

Anything that comes to mind, feel free to ask! The dentist’s responses and attitude as you ask questions will say a lot about their approach. 

5. Look At The Amenities & Comforts Provided By The Dentist 

It’s important for your kids to feel comfortable and safe at the dentist’s office, so colorful decorations, toys, books and magazines, and other amenities are really important for children. At Milktooth Pediatric Dentistry, for example, we have an iPad station, a dedicated kids’ play area, TVs with headphones in treatment rooms, and a fun, modern interior design that children love! 

Not Sure Where To Start? Get A Consultation At Milktooth Pediatric Dentistry 

As a mom and a pediatric dentist, Dr. Amy Shah provides patient, caring, and informative dental care for kids of all ages. From infants and toddlers to teenagers, your child’s dental health will be in good hands at our office. If you’d like to learn more, just contact us online or call at (773) 904-0095 to set up your little one’s first appointment at our child-friendly office in Chicago.

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